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The Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show: Two Highlights

by CH Contributor
on 06 November 2009

by Adrienne So


The Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association recently sponsored the 2009 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show, a mecca for small-operation bike builders all over the country.


Beloved Cycles (currently sold throughout Oregon, Washington and Texas) speak to the essence of Portland-based bike manufacturer Emile Lemoine's belief that "every lifetime deserves at least one." Beloved involves the customer at every step of the buying and fitting process, from selecting one of the gorgeous frames—including a commuter, mixtie, racing bike, tourer, porteur or randonneur—to personalized fitting, paint selection (including 11 color choices) and accessories.


Brian Engelen debuted his Light On! tail light, intended for use with the Dynolight—an axle-fitted front LED powered by the motion of the axle. The incredibly bright lights don't require batteries and dim to one-fifth of their brightness after riders stop moving for several minutes. The tail light comes with seat post or rack mounts and offers 180-degree visibility. The permanent mount also comes in handy for those who are prone to forgetting or breaking cheap bike lights. Both waterproof lights clean up with soap and a brush.

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