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Tree Tents

Sustainable, temporary forest dwellings from Luminair

by James Thorne in Design on 21 November 2012


Specializing in designing lighting solutions, design group Luminair recently unveiled their first shelters, fantastical suspended Tree Tents. The product of three years' work, Tree Tents provide an intriguing model for sustainable wildlife housing that enables a non-invasive solution for campers and forest service personnel.

In fulfilling childhood fantasies and Tarzan complexes, Tree Tents also manage to look like space age survival pods. The spherical design has a two-fold purpose: to provide even load distribution for the suspension system and allow for natural rain runoff. Steam-bent green ash and aluminum provide eye-catching shape and structural integrity when suspended in the canopy.


The fabric shell is made from waterproofed cotton canvas—more resistant to UV damage than synthetics—and a wool liner to insulate heat. Luminair also conceived of options for a wood stove, water and renewable electricity into the design. The company likens their creation to a dirigible or airship, and it's hard to deny Tree Tents' likeliness to props from a mid-century futurist film.

Standard setups for Tree Tents start at £8,000 from Luminair. See more images in the slideshow.

Images courtesy of Luminair


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