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A kinetic sculptural toy that turns plastic and metal into a study of beauty and science

by Maggie York-Worth in Design on 18 March 2010

Toroflux.jpg TorofluxDetail.jpg

Gallery and design store Moss recently reminded us of the exciting and beguiling art toy Toroflux. Created in 2000 by German brothers Jochen and Conrad Valett of Valett Design, the simple tools and construction for the kinetic sculpture consists of a large plastic ring with a slinky-like metal coil wrapped around it.

The result though is a surprising example of physics and artistic invention. When tipped, the metal coil whips around the plastic ring with increasing velocity until it resembles a bubble. The action video below reveals the real triumph of its design.

Made of plastic and stainless steel, the Toroflux sells from Moss for $145.


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