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Threadless Scout Books

Handy notebooks from everyone's favorite crowd-sourced company

by Graham Hiemstra in Design on 27 July 2011


Another clever idea from the minds behind the crowd-sourced t-shirt phenomenon, Threadless has teamed up with Scout Books to create a run of handcrafted notebooks made from 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable ink in Portland, OR. The notebooks, operating under a similar model that brought so much love to Threadless in the first place, will feature a selection of themed designs from their community-voted favorites, each artfully printed on a pocket-sized notebook just for you.

Just like their modestly-priced t-shirts, Threadless' answer to Field Notes won't break the bank at just $9 for a pack of three notebooks once 11 August 2011 rolls around. Keep an eye online for more sneak peeks.


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