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Thomas Phifer and Partners

Modernism grounded by the natural world in this architect's first monograph

by Graham Hiemstra in Design on 15 April 2011


The beautifully simple design of architects Thomas Phifer and Partners' first monograph (even lacking page numbers) almost rivals the buildings themselves. Rather than rely on text and sketches, high-res photographs and renderings show in vivid detail what makes the firm's stunningly minimalist ideas and emphasis on eco-friendly construction so renowned.


Central to their design process is the use of technology to connect inhabitants to the building's surroundings rather than creating a divide. Naturally-lit, floor-to-ceiling structures in glass and steel favored by Phifer and his design team make this connection—what they call "Modernism from a humanist standpoint"—most clearly.

TP-50.jpg TP-51.jpg

But this connection to nature goes further than a picture window; natural elements inform eco-conscious solutions to lighting, heating and cooling, working with the seasons to deepen residents' relationship to their environment.


The American-made monograph is available through Amazon.


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