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The Shadow Conspiracy x Invisible Man LE 24" Shadow Cruiser

by Evan Orensten
on 24 February 2006

We recently checked in with Ronnie Bonner at The Shadow Conspiracy about their new Limited Edition 24" Shadow Cruiser collaboration with Andrew Lee of Invisible:Man.

Ron has been focused full-time on The Shadow Conspiracy since selling UGP, a pioneering brand of BMX clothing and accessories. Serious bikers (or those who want to look like them) often customize their bikes or build them from the ground up. When they do, they look to companies like The Shadow Conspiracy, who make very high quality (and stylin') BMX gear—things like chains, seats, grips, pedals and gears. Check out their Penumbra line of limited edition seats; it's a shame to cover them up with your butt.

You may be familiar with some of Andrew's previous collaborations with éS Footwear, MadFoot, Stussy, Kinetics, T-19 and Neighborhood, or with his Invisible:Man clothing line.

Ron met Andrew through a mutual friend, and it wasn't long before they came up with the idea to collaborate on this bike, which is the first complete bike that The Shadow Conspiracy has made.

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