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The Michelle Obama Action Figure

by CH Contributor
on 13 October 2009

by Jeremy Brautman

Jailbreak Toys, makers of the Barack Obama action figure, didn't want the plastic President to be lonely, so they made him a wife. But she's not just there to support him. The Michelle Obama action figure can stand on her own (and there's no confusing her with Cindy McCain Barbie). Naturally, Jailbreak opted for sleeveless get-ups in all three editions of the historically-accurate First Lady figure. You can choose between the purple "fist bump" dress, the black and white dress she wore on The View and her memorable black and red Election Day attire.

With over 200,000 Barack Obama action figures sold, Jailbreak owner Jason Feinberg predicts Michelle will be even more popular. The six-inch figure is made of phthalate-free PVC and features six points of articulation. You can pre-order all three versions for $13 each from the Jailbreak site. The figures will ship 20 November 2009. Jailbreak adds this 'disclaimer' to the pages in their online store: "This product is not formally endorsed by or affiliated with Michelle Obama. (But we really hope she likes it.)"


Well, we already know that the Obamas like Uglydolls, so I'd say it's a good chance the First Lady will approve. That leaves one question: You may recall that last year, Jailbreak sponsored a massive New York show featuring artist-customized versions of the Barack Obama action figure. Will we see a second show devoted to DIY Michelle?

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