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The Turkish Towel


The Turkish Towel

A traditional non-terry towel that weathers well

by Karen Day
on 23 July 2010

Traditionally striped peştemal have been offered at Turkish bathhouses since before the Ottoman Empire. Whether for beach, spa or everyday use, the beautiful towels have a couple of practical features too. Absorbent woven cotton or linen gets softer the more you use it, doesn't pick up unwanted sand, minimizes frizzy hair, rolls into a small bundle for easy packing, and doubles as a wrap, blanket or tablecloth. For those who missed the French label A.P.C.'s recent limited-run version of the chic staple, see eight modern equivalents in a range of styles, blends and prices that all stand out for their quality and good looks below.

toast-towel1.jpg toast-towel2.jpg

Toast: Hammam Towel; indigo or aubergine, £19

brook-farm-towel1.jpg brook-farm-towel2.jpg

Brook Farm General Store: Hammam Towel; grey, ivory, black and striped colorways, $68


No. Four Eleven: Large Fouta Towel; gray and ivory striped, gray with ivory border, $69

scent-feel-towel1.jpg scent-feel-towel2.jpg

Scents & Feel: Fouta Bayadere; various striped options, $85-95


ABC Carpet & Home; Mabrad Towel; natural, mocha, turquoise and grey with white or blue, $50-60

piq-towel1.jpg piq-towel2.jpg

Pip-Squeak Chapeau: Linen Bath Towel; white, $65

turkishbath1.jpg turkishbath2.jpg

Turkish Bath Towel; various colors and patterns, $20-26

laviva1.jpg laviva-2.jpg laviva3.jpg

Turkish Hammam Towels: L'aviva Home; Oatmeal Linen, Nile Green, Sage Green or Dark Rose and Ivory Stripe, White Pique, Dark Rose or Navy Jacquard and Chocolate Linen, $55


Fantastic Man recently pointed our attention to the linen Deck Towels; nine brilliant colors and stripes, $55

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