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Sceltevie Bag Hanger

Keep your bag off the ground and your phone upright with this quirky Japanese accessory

by Karen Day in Design on 26 September 2011


A concept dating back to the 1940s, purse hooks have long been favored by everyone from royalty to mysophobes, keeping a handbag protected from whatever muck may be on the floor by conveniently hanging it under a table. Japanese brand Sceltevie shows the evolution of the clever design with their quirky bag hanger, which also doubles as a handy iPhone stand.

The soft, lightweight plastic glasses are easy to keep tucked in your purse for whenever you find yourself sitting at a chair with no back or a busy bar where you want to keep your bag secured in front of you. Whether at your desk, on a plane or back at that same busy bar, the bonus function of propping up your phone makes watching videos hands-free and effortless.

For both the young and young-at-heart, the Sceltevie hanger and stand sells in seven colorways online from Rakuten for ¥2,000.


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