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Richard Elaver

Intricate pens, fashion-forward jewelry and more printed in 3D

by James Thorne in Design on 23 May 2012


Having experimented quite a bit with our office MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer, we're always on the lookout for ways that creative minds have applied 3D printing in their own line of work. A featured designer at Designboom's ICFF pop-up shop, Richard Elaver stood out as one of a few avant-garde makers currently using 3D printing to produce objects for sale. Coming from a metalworking background, Richard Elaver has developed several ingenius applications of the nascent tool.


The hollow spiral body of his "Torpedo" pen houses a replaceable Montblanc rollerball refill, for a design that's both clever and sustainable. Using the visualization and prototyping tools at his disposal, Elaver was able to write his network of hexagonal cells in real space, creating a lightweight, comfortable and durable writing implement. Along with "Torpedo" Elaver presented "Sprung", a colorful collection of pens designed to hold the gravity-defying Fisher Space Pen insert.


Beyond writing instruments, Elaver has also employed 3D printing to produce chic jewelry like "Drips", a result of his work with modular units. Using a number of teardrop-shaped connectors, Elaver fashioned a wearable sculpture that snaps together to take on a cascading form. In both "Cluster" and "Clasp", Elaver incorporates his printed SLS nylon designs into the clasp of a rubber necklace. Bridging style and function, the clasps double as fashionable pendants.


Works by Richard Elaver can be purchased through the Designer Craftsman online shop.


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