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Urban visionary James Rojas captures the energy of L.A.'s transient Chinatown environment in his exhibit Re-imagining Chinatown: An Interactive Planning Process. Nationally acclaimed for his insight into U.S. Latino urban built culture and co-founder of the Latino Urban Forum, Rojas brings his intimacy with community to the exhibition aiming to create an installation that "mimics the dynamic and collective nature of urban life."

The exhibit will be hosted by Fifth Floor, an art/design gallery located within L.A.'s Chinatown, which will transform into a pop-up urban planning store.

Shelves lining the walls hold a rainbow collection of miniature buildings, which visitors can use to construct their own cityscape on a topographically accurate 4x8 foot model of Chinatown and the adjacent cornfields and L.A. river.


Special events will also be taking place during the course of the exhibit, including the opportunity for community members to design and implement their own building designs.


Re-imagining Chinatown: An Interactive Planning Process
Opening reception: 8 August 2009, 6-9pm
Re-imagining Chinatown: An Interactive Planning Process
Fifth Floor Gallery
502 Chung King Court
Los Angeles, CA 90012 map
tel. +1 213 687 8443


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