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Property Of Flagship

Singapore bag-slingers bring Portland coffee to Amsterdam with their first store

by Karen Day in Design on 14 July 2010

property-of1.jpg property-of2.jpg

Drawing on cafe-owner roots, Property Of bag designers Peter Teo and Richard Chamberlain recently launched the brand's first flagship, a "store in a cafe," on Amsterdam's fashion-forward Herenstraat Street.

property-of3.jpg property-of4.jpg

In addition to peddling the Singapore brand's well-crafted line of shoulder bags and accessories, the outpost will house an array of like-minded magazines and books while serving up Stumptown coffee—as the increasingly popular roaster continues to expand beyond its Portland, OR hometown.

property-of5.jpg property-of6.jpg

Highlighted here last year for their collaboration with Pendleton Woolen Mills, the label traditionally uses waxed cotton, coated denim or heavy nylon for their range of urban-inspired bags.

property-of7.jpg property-of8.jpg

Property Of sees the Amsterdam location as the beginning of an expansion program that will lead to shops in Singapore, New York and Tokyo over the following months.


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