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Priests and Twins

by Brian Fichtner
on 28 February 2008

Priests and Twins are a series of haunting figurines created by the multi-disciplinary designer Kristin Victoria Barron, principal of the design studio Kreist. While visiting The Future Perfect some weeks ago, I found a small gathering of the Priests huddled on a Jaime Hayon sofa and was compelled to learn their backstory.

After seeing a Jungian analyst many years ago, Kristin started making dolls inspired by her dreams. She elaborated by email, “I'm interested in objects as vehicles/cues for narratives. These pieces are taken from larger fictional narratives that I develop. I have really vivid dreams that I borrow from and the form that the figurines take is suggestive of the narrative that they come from.”


The Priests (which sell for $675 each) were created in an edition of seven. They are fabricated from leather, porcelain, muslin, and copper. The Twins (soon to be displayed at The Future Perfect) are an edition of two and are made from leather, porcelain, muslin, chicken feet, lacquer, and horsehair. Regarding the production of these unique pieces, she concluded: “I believe there is a certain sort of magic in objects that take a long time to make and are touched many times. That is why they are always finished by hand and only made in very small editions.”

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