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Postalco Totem Key-Holders

The Brooklyn-born, Tokyo-based brand refreshes the standard key-ring

by Kat Herriman
on 28 June 2013

For fall, the beloved craftsman behind Postalco introduces a clever and sleek alternative to the keyring. "It's the simple things that are the hardest to redesign," says Mike Abelson, Postalco co-founder, pointing out his shiny new Totem Key Holders.

Made entirely of brass, these key-holders are a linear solution to the web of key-rings that tends to swallow up more than its fair share of pocket space. Locked in place by a screw, the key-holders spare the user the traditional unpleasantries of negotiating and prying up the ends of tight metal coils.

Due to their size, the key-holders aren't a perfect fit for chunky car keys, however for the rest of your essential set, Postalco's key-holders will provide a welcomed bit of structure. Like everything from Postalco, the Totem Holders are handmade entirely in Japan. While they won't be available on their official website or regular US retailers until the fall season, Mill Mercantile online currently has the key holder in stock for $84 for those who can't wait.

Image courtesy of Postalco

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