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Oil & Water Do Not Mix

Protest powerfully with limited-edition posters made using Gulf spill oil

by Greg Stefano in Design on 27 October 2010


Putting a new spin on medium as message, advertising firm Happiness in Brussels created this limited-edition line of posters by substituting oil for traditional ink.

oil-underscreen.jpg oil-digging.jpg

The screen prints, designed by Anthony Burrill, make their anti-offshore drilling statement even more specific by sourcing the oil from the Deep Water Horizon spill that wreaked havoc in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year.

oil-bucket.jpg oil-dirtyscreen.jpg

Each signed and numbered poster (only 200 have been made) sells online for €150. You can also lend support by donating to the project directly and all proceeds benefit the Coalition to Restore Coastal Lousiana.


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