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Nutlock Bicycle Wheel Security System

Replace conventional hex-nuts and secure your wheelset with custom-designed fasteners

by Graham Hiemstra in Design on 06 August 2014


As many know from unfortunate experiences, bike thieves target components just as often (perhaps if not more so) than bicycles as a whole. While a sturdy U-Lock does well to secure a frame, it leaves one—sometimes both—wheels vulnerable. Carrying multiple locks and chains is cumbersome, and looping and locking it all up is time-consuming. Nutluck aims to solve the issue of wheel theft with custom-engineered fasteners that replace conventional hex-nuts or quick release skewers.

The Nutlock works exclusively with a unique key that comes with each set sold—an undisclosed, but significant number of design variations prevents thieves from simply obtaining the key and beating the system. Plus, a conical shape and novel key formation also defends against the use of hacksaws and other tools, including wrenches, hammers, pliers and even damaged nut-removers. "That's not to say it's impenetrable—nothing ever is. But by deterring as many tools as possible, we strongly believe [Nutlock] provides a hell of a lot of security for bike wheels," says Nutlock co-founder Mikey Ahdoot.

Nutlock-non.jpg NutLock-yes.jpg

Ahdoot will continue to make variations of the Nutlock well into the future as well, making it extremely difficult for thieves to adapt their nasty tactics. A single set of Nutlock can be purchased with a pledge of $25, or $39 for a full set—a rather reasonable sum, considering an average quality new wheel can run well over $100. Visit Nutlock on Kickstarter to get involved and see the product in action.

Images courtesy of Nutlock


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