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Nixon Wood Collection

by Ami Kealoha in Design on 10 February 2006


To surrealists, wood grain symbolized sexuality, so there’s some logic to giving something from Nixon’s new Wood Collection for Valentine’s Day. “Inspired by mid-century furniture, post-modern architecture, and the good old-fashioned grains of mother nature,” the wood inlay design behind the coveted Rotolog watch has been expanded into an entire Wood Collection. The real walnut and bamboo inlays are now featured on the Chalet (the women's version of the Rotolog), and the popular Player and Ticket watches. A line of accessories features leather, laser-etched with wood grain patterns. Laser etching leather, a relatively new process, is something I first saw on a super-limited Nike release. Since the pattern or design is actually etched into the leather, it gives 3-D texture and won't rub off like a print might.

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by Andrew Potash

Update: Some items pictured won't be available until May. Check Nixon's site for details.


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