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New York Auto Show Preview

by Ami Kealoha
on 13 April 2006

Four years after the debut of the Scion, Toyota unveiled an all-new sport coupe concept called Fuse yesterday at the New York auto show press preview. Like Toyota's concept minivan, the F3R, and their Fine-T (a concept fuel cell hybrid), the focus was on integrating entertainment into the driving experience—as seen in the video display that stretches along the dash, a trunk that folds down into a curb-high bench, and a built-in detachable drink cooler. Key-shaped door sensors, personal sunroofs, dual exhausts ringed by fog and reverse lamps, 20-inch wheels with LEDs that light up as turn indicators, and a speed-activated spoiler are some of the details taking the lifestyle car to the next level. More info and images on the Fuse, the Toyota F3R and T-Fine, and a closer look at Saab's Aero X after the jump and in tomorrow's Cool Hunting Video.

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