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Neverend Clocks

Kitsune Noir, Dan Funderbergh and Furni's subversively modern take on the cuckoo clock

by Julie Wolfson in Design on 24 March 2010

kitsune-funderburg1.jpg kitsune-funderburg2.jpg

Kitsune Noir today launched the first in a new ongoing series of laser-cut birch wood clocks. The premier edition features the decorative patterns of artist and wallpaper designer Dan Funderburgh created in collaboration with the Montreal-based design/build shop (and CH contributor), Furni. Funderburgh's design takes on the idea of a traditional Bavarian cuckoo clock, with a typically subversive twist—just a couple of sticks of dynamite lurking under the clock face.

kitsune-funderburgh1.jpg kitsune-funderburgh2.jpg

Each design in the Neverend series will be made in limited editions of 88 clocks. The Funderburgh clock sells for $198 in black and natural from Furni.


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