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Myvinilo Wall Decals

by Brian Fichtner
on 13 October 2009

Adding a touch of playfulness to interiors, Myvinilo specializes in vinyl wall decals. The Barcelona-based company, which recently showed at the Feria Valencia during the Ideas y Pasión tradeshow, produces a wide array of wall treatments ranging from the purely ornamental to the cleverly conceived. The silhouetted skyline series (above) turns the top of most any sideboard into a horizon line, while the floral collection (below right) adds an organic sensibility to both minimal and pop interiors alike.


Prices range from roughly €16 for miniature decals to €80 for the most expansive compositions and nearly all come in over 20 individual colors or combinations thereof. While it seems Myvinilo distributes only in Europe and Mexico currently, we think retail sales in the U.S. would be, er, off the wall.


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