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Mustache March

by Josh Rubin in Design on 28 March 2005

mustache march

Those crazy designers at Hanson Dodge Creative are nearing the end of a brilliant fundraiser-- for the month of March they guys at the firm are growing mustaches as a "Temporary Cultural Movement for the Benefit of Charity." This year's recipient is the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, a research organization.

Mustache March, as they've branded it, is well documented on their site. There's a gallery of the 'growth' progress and all sorts of news. Recognizing the fact that the mustache is a bit passé these days, their strategy is brilliant because of the inevitable question from friends, family and even strangers, "why are you growing a mustache?" The way they see it, there are three motivations, "Revive a once-glorious grooming practice, humiliate ourselves in the process, and raise some cash for a worthy cause."


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