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Multipolar Projects: It's Really Really Really OK


Multipolar Projects: It's Really Really Really OK

by Mike Giles
on 15 January 2008

As a woodworker myself I understand the monotony and borderline insanity of a repeated task. (Yesterday alone I made over 1,000 notches in some wood blanks to make boxes.) However, when it's all done, there's definitely beauty in the results and therapy in repetition. That said, Chicago-based artist Sighn has taken on the mother of all projects, hand-cutting 1,000,000 wooden "ornaments" each with the simple slogan "It's ok.” I was able to get a few questions in to him right before he hunkered down to cutting out his second batch, which start shipping today. There's more info about the undertaking (including a mini-doc) on his site.

How long does it take for each "sculpture?"
Each piece takes 15 minutes from start to finish with the prep work before and after. Plus time to package it, box it up, and ship it. The actual cutting itself takes about 3-5 minutes.


Do you have a "traditional" job?
For now.

Is this the the first 1,000,000 piece project you have conceived?
First and last.


How many hours do you put into the project in a given week?
Pretty much every waking minute I am thinking about this project, fantasizing how I will actually complete it. Every chance I get, I am in the shop, cutting away. I don't know if I could put a number on it, just a word: Constantly.

Have you thought of hiring elves?
I have been considering this for the prep work, as well as the packaging, shipping, etc. However, it is my challenge to myself, that every single piece will be cut and numbered solely by myself. Possibly the other tasks, I can get help to lighten my load. Got to get this done before arthritis kicks in.

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