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Muju Ocean Guardians

Fish-scaled sculptures raise environmental awareness

by James Thorne in Design on 19 June 2012


Located in St. Ives in Cornwall, England, Muju World is an artist's studio run by Mr. and Miss Muju that specializes in mixed media and toy creations. Their latest release is a team of "Ocean Guardians", five sculptural pieces representing the five oceans: Arctic, Indian, Pacific, Atlantic and Southern. The scaled creatures are hand-cast in resin by Miss Muju and painted by hand in aqua gradients by Mr. Muju. Standing at a mere seven inches tall, the delightful figurines help to promote awareness of ocean issues, with £10 from each sale going to the Surfers for Cetaceans Charity.

"We aim to produce artworks that generate a positive vibe," says Mr. Muju. "The concept of these sculptures as modern-day totems, protectors of nature and elemental forces seems to fit with our sense of creative purpose." Both Mr. and Miss Muju are avid surfers and dedicated to the environment, the Ocean Guardians a follow-up to an earlier eco-conscious team of Forest Guardians.

The Muju Ocean Guardians are available from Muju World for £90.


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