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Mud Furniture

by Brian Fichtner
on 26 August 2009

Jennifer Anderson's "Mud Series" collection translates iconic chairs into steel and mud. The studies of classics—an Eames LCW, a Thonet Café Chair, a Wegner Wishbone Chair—resemble the artifacts of an architectural dig, their once flawless surfaces marred by the cracked earth. (Click images for an expanded view.)


The series evolved from Anderson's Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition, "Permanence/Impermanence," which included a standard chair of her own design, fashioned from ash, wax, bronze, grass and mud. Following this "Material Series," Anderson experimented further with mud, inspired by its textural qualities.

The act of transforming such icons, which echoes Maarten Baas' early work for Moss or Mario Minale's "Red blue Lego Chair," is at once homage and assertion—a young designer caking mud on history and charting her own path to the future.

The "Mud Series" is available by special order only, with prices starting at around $2,900. Inquiries can be made by contacting Anderson through her website.

Read Anderson's more detailed account of the series after the jump.

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