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Middle Colors Humidifier

by Karen Day in Design on 24 October 2008


With winter just around the corner, it's time to pack away your air conditioner and bust out the humidifier. Luckily, the Japanese seem to have a small obsession with moisture and have produced several devices we wouldn't mind keeping out all year. The latest to join this lineup is the Middle Colors humidifier, which is not only attractive and available in a range of colors but will help save your pennies in this economic crunch with its hybrid design of steam and ultrasonic capabilities. Designed by Takashi Hiroshi Tsuboi, the tear-drop shaped humidifier can produce moisture for up to ten consecutive hours and boasts a relatively small footprint.


We haven't seen it offered in the States yet, but if you speak Japanese you're in luck.

It's available from Cheers or Amazon Japan for about ¥7,000.


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