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Babelgum Metropolis Art Prize 2009

by Karen Day
on 14 September 2009

Global web video hub Babelgum is hosting the world's biggest contemporary art competition, seeking out artists who speak to the spirit of their urban culture-themed Metropolis channel, where you can also find our Cool Hunting Video series. Focusing on the idiosyncrasies of a city, Babelgum's Metropolis channel covers the urban environment and its fashion, art, design and culture sectors.

Open to artists of any medium, entrants must submit a either a video about their work or a work of video art itself with a running time of under five minutes.

Winners, determined by a panel of judges that includes Cedar Lewisohn and Isabella Rossellini will see their work displayed on NYC's Times Square jumbotrons with one of them taking home $20,000. Open now, the contest closes 18 October 2009.

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