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Marianne Batlle

by Ami Kealoha
on 24 August 2009

Of the many subversive crafts we've seen over the years—crocheted cupcakes, cameras and hamburgers come to mind—Marianne Batlle's handmade mix of sex and fashion takes the concept to a decidedly more edgy level. The Paris-based artist crochets penises in a range of fanciful materials and colors, incorporating silks and bows, as well as fuzzy angora threads, pearls, sequins and more, to lend personality to each one.


Her brooches pay homage to fashion legends Karl Lagerfeld, Yves St Laurent, Coco Chanel and John Galliano, along with Bob Dylan, representing the icons in finger-puppet size beadwork. You can buy these little wearable artworks online from Arty Dandy starting at €125.

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