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Last week during New York's design fair, Bernhardt Design teamed up with ICFF to present the ICFF Studio , an exhibition space for showcasing prototypical work by young designers. One of these talents was the highly-skilled Lutz Pankow , a Portuguese emigré who studied engineering and product design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saarbruecken, and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

His contribution to the booth, a series of task lamps called S_Lights, were twinkling stars of hope in a vast galaxy of dim product displays. The S_Lights are sublimely minimal, offering a wide range of motion, due to their innovative magnetic connections which serve both as hinge and current conductor. The bases on view were a simple black disk (top left), or a slender continuation of the armature (). The heads Lutz created were a haloed halogen or a cylindrical LED housing that he completed the night before flying to New York (not pictured).

The goal of the ICFF Studio was to give prototypes a platform, hopefully to facilitate connections between designers and manufacturers. But the few participants I spoke to all agreed that manufacturers exhibiting at ICFF aren't really looking for new talent. Still, I don't have any doubts that Lutz will soon have lighting producers fighting over this flawless design.

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