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Kraus Custom Motorcycles and Choppers

by Jacob Resneck
on 14 August 2009

Whether making birthday cakes or a 600-pound motorcycle, working from scratch like Kraus Motor Co. makes it better. Nestled among the towering redwood trees in rain-soaked northern California, this young upstart brings an independent-minded approach and incorporates skills like sculpting and gunsmithing into the five models featured on its website.


But it's clear that these craftsmen—who start in the perfect realm of ideas and leave the gritty details last—thrive on building to suit. Kraus gives the chance to turn a back-of-the-envelope sketch a reality. A custom-built bike doesn't come cheap, of course, and if they have an idea how one of these bikes will set you back, they're not saying. At least not outright. Best get in touch directly about that.


Catch them in Las Vegas this October to see these behemoths in the flesh at that city's annual Bike Fest.

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