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Ergonomic, luxury nail trimmer promises the smoothest cut

by Greg Stefano in Design on 27 April 2011


One of the the most satisfying interactions with a tool is when designers reinvent something you use all the time but don't think too much about. The Klhip nail trimmer is a shining example of such an innovation, transforming a mundane concept by applying design principles to make it more useful. The Klhip uses a reversed lever to give the user greater control when clipping and also requires less pressure to cut through nails. This makes for a super-smooth nail edge, essentially eliminating the need for filing afterwards.


Made in the U.S.A. from surgical grade stainless steel, Klhip delivers what it promises in a sleek, functional package. It sells from the online store for $70 or $95 with a leather carrying case, and includes a lifetime warranty.


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