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by Jacob Resneck
on 19 July 2006

"Live, work and play" could be the tagline for Kanyon, one of Europe's most innovative and exciting developments. Newly opened in the heart of Istanbul, a city of 8.8 million that spans two continents, the mixed-use project amalgamates 179 luxury residences, 26 stories of offices and nearly 40,000 square meters of commercial space. The future of urban living is in efficient mixed-use where denizens have all the conveniences and necessities within reach.

Like many ancient centers, Istanbul grew out of many historic towns, villages and cities into a single megapolis over the past three millennia. As a result, it lacks a central urban core than younger cities like New York and Singapore. Through ingenious planning and design, the Jerde Partnership has realized Kanyon as a solution. Residents will be able to live in modern luxury and convenience while surrounded by world-class shopping with a planned brand-new Harvey Nichols shopping destination bringing Knightsbridge to one of the ancient centers of civilization.

While the main site is still in Turkish only, more information can be found via Camron, the London-based firm that is showcasing innovative urban revolutions underway across the globe from Shanghai to Damascus.

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