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John Maeda: Creative Code

by Josh Rubin in Design on 09 August 2004


John Maeda's newest book will hit the shelves next month. Creative Code is a documentation of his pedagogical experiments at the MIT Media Lab. Maeda's thoughts on the book:

My evolved focus is on the global economy, and how creativity might reshape our society. I hope that a world that endears the arts just as much as it endears its weapons of destruction might be able to enjoy this century to the fullest. We can either just watch what happens, or commit to shaping the events that will come. I choose the latter along with many colleagues all around the world.
The foreword is by one of my mentors, Red Burns, founder of the Interactive Telecommunication Program at NYU. Contributors include Yugo Nakamura, Martin Wattenberg, David Small, Casey Reas, Ben Fry, Scott Snibbe, Elise Co, John Simon, Jr., Gillian Crampton-Smith, Reed Kram, Joshua Davis, Peter Cho, Golan Levin, Danny Rozin. This collection of creative brain power should help yield Maeda's best book yet. Get it from Amazon

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