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Higgins for Jonathan Adler

Colorful geometric mobiles by an iconic '50s glass studio

by Katie Mendelson in Design on 11 March 2011

higgins-adler1.jpg higgins-adler2.jpg

Happy chic designer Jonathan Adler teamed up with legendary mid-century glass studio Higgins to produce a series of multicolored mobiles that both showcase Higgins' iconic glass-making technique and reflect Adler's signature playful aesthetic and bold use of color.

Based in the Chicago suburb of Riverside, IL, Higgins Studio was founded in 1948 by husband-and-wife team Michael and Frances Higgins. At a time when glass-creating techniques had largely moved away from fusing in favor of blowing, the two pioneered a rediscovery of the fusing method, which involves layering pieces of glass over a design in order to create a "glass sandwich" of sorts. Mobiles have always been a staple of the Higgins collection, along with an array of various decor items such as lamps, paperweights and mirrors, to name a few.

For Adler, the collaboration seemed only natural, saying "I've always seen Higgins Studio as a kindred spirit—their work celebrates craft and color and optimism. I've loved their stuff for years and I am thrilled and honored that they have created a Higgins for Jonathan Adler range. As we speak, I am looking at the Higgins mobile hanging in the corner of my office and I am smiling."

The Higgins for Jonathan Adler mobiles, crafted with handmade enamel-fused glass and strung together with piano wire, are available in blue ($495) and pink ($895) from Jonathan Adler.


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