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Outerwear Halloween Costumes

Seven everyday options that double as halloween costumes

by CH Editors in Design on 04 October 2011

For those who prefer comfort over the whole-nine-yards costumes—or if you're just looking to save some cash and effort this holiday—we looked to our favorite jackets and other everyday clothing to double as your get-up. Intended as inspiration, why not turn the below frog costume into a pea-in-a-pod? The black down poncho-slash-coat could just as easily be a black cat too.

Baseball Player

Everyone needs a great transitional jacket, and Nike's Hybrid Destroyer is just about as versatile as it gets. Pair it with a few pieces of baseball paraphernalia for a major league costume this Halloween. The jacket sells from 6pm for $96, Starter's Wiffle ball Snap back for No Mas goes for $30, Homage's fitted ball cap and tribute to the legendary Woody Hayes sells for $40. Round it out with the Japanese Nokona Buckaroo Series for $200 from Ball Glove Warehouse.


Clothe your crime-fighting alter ego with Zara's new hooded trench. A great fall investment for inclement days, it also doubles as a Halloween costume to channel any favorite detective. (Inspector Gadget is our gumshoe of choice.) Complete the look with a wool fedora, magnifying glass and pipe. The double-breasted trench sells for $190 at fake mustache.


As if you needed a holiday to wrap the wee one in this adorable bunny sweatshirt— Talc's critter hoodie adds both warmth and charm this Halloween—all it needs is a carrot for the full effect. The zip-front sweatshirt sells for $78 at Sweet William, with the toy carrot for $7 at Toy Boxes.


There's no chance of trick-or-treating chills with a down onesie from Patagonia. Pair it with a foam frog mask for the cutest amphibian in town. The Patagonia Infant Down Sweater Bunting sells online for $130 and the foam mask can be picked up for $8.


For a Halloween costume that combines retro Rainbow Brite with supreme functionality—not to mention relatively high performance potential for a pair of flamboyant footwear—the North Face Gotham boots do the trick when worn with any candy-colored coat or clothing on top—bonus points for a hat and scarf. The boots sell for $120 from The North Face and the ultra-light down jacket can be found for $80 at Uniqlo stores. Check MoMA for the scarf ($48) and hat ($35).


The Nau Down Stole works not only for a fall-to-winter shift, but across costumes as well. When paired with a vintage broom and a custom satin peak hat, the jacket morphs itself into a nice, warm witch's cloak. It's $230 at Nau. Add a vintage broom ($48) or one from your kitchen and throw on a customizable satin witch's hat, for $24.


There's also something bat-like about the Stole, making it the prime top layer for a slightly creepy costume. Accessorize with a bat masquerade mask or, our favorite, the Batstache.

Contributions by Karen Day, Ami Kealoha, Kelly O'Reilly, Greg Stefano and James Thorne


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