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General Manufacturing Wilson Keyring

Simple style put to good use

by Graham Hiemstra in Design on 29 March 2013

Gen-Mfg-Co-Keyring2.jpg Gen-Mfg-Co-Keyring1.jpg

Recently launched with the mission to produce beautiful, simple objects for everyday use, General Manufacturing Concern is the latest project by former Best Made Co. designer Hunter Criaghill. The Brooklyn-based brand translates the refined design aesthetic of Best Made to practical objects like the Wilson Keyring, a basic brass ring molded from a single piece of 1/8 inch wire, which stays closed by tension while comfortably holding as many keys as you'll probably ever own.

Available in three colors of dipped enamel, the Wilson Keyring sells for $10 from the from General Manufacturing Concern web shop. Keep an eye on the budding brand as they release new products in the coming months.

Images courtesy of General Manufacturing Concern


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