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G. Wiseman Sodbuster

Exclusive hand-crafted blade from Oklahoman steel master

by Greg Stefano
on 13 January 2012

There is a deep-rooted bond between human beings and blades, born from our mysterious history roaming the cave systems of France and the jungles in southeast Asia. The knife is one of our simplest tools, but is still extremely important. When one feels a properly made blade with perfectly balanced steel at their fingertips, the recognition is instantaneous. We recently got to check out the Sodbuster pocket knife, hand-crafted by Gene Wiseman exclusively for Kaufmann Mercantile. Not only does this knife exude quality, its functional design is intended to wear through the ages.


Wiseman, who spent a large part of his life working steel for horseshoes, took his first foray into knife-making several years ago. His years of experience on small-batch production runs paid off, sharpening his extreme attention to detail. Wiseman makes his blades one by one in a trailer-sized space in the woods of Oklahoma, along the Arkansas border. Each knife takes two days to finish and everything is crafted by hand, down to the pins holding the knife together.


The Sodbuster pocket knife will get you through a tough situation, but with a blade sporting an unprecedented level of elegance. The hard canvas micarta handle stands up to anything while offering a perfect balance of traction and texture, and, along with a 2 3/4 inch D-2 tool-grade steel blade, makes for a knife that feels wonderful in your hand and isn't too bulky in the pocket. The knife is fixed together with a brass washer and a steel pivot pin, whose contrasting metals enhance the rugged look and overall appeal.

The G.Wiseman Sodbuster is available exclusively from Kaufmann Mercantile for $330.

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