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Follow the Leader

by Josh Rubin in Design on 08 August 2004

Follow the Leader is like a graphic design version of the Surrealist game, The Exquisite Corpse. The project comes out of Tokyo Style in Gothenburg and resulted in a 9 Meter tall by 1 Meter wide masterpiece. Four Japanese designers and four Swedish designers each had 6 hour turns and had to use the bottom 10 cm from the previous work. It's too tall to display here, so click through to continue.


Collaborators are, from top to bottom: Sweden Graphics (SWE), Velvet Number (JPN), Ink Graphix (SWE), Delaware (JPN), Little Eskimo (SWE), Atsushi Togami (JPN), Patrick Sundqvist (SWE), and Jun Watanabe (JPN). via jean snow


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