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Fogo Design

by Phuong-Cac Nguyen
on 19 June 2008

Shattering the divide between street and home, Brazilian creative agency Fogo Design playfully reinterprets household objects in forms that some would call trash. The company, made up of longtime friends Miguel Sanches and Ramses Marcal, promote good humor through each of their products, all of which ride the conceptual line.

Their past work includes objects like a lamp that resembles a huge box of matches; to switch it on, slide open the box. A magazine rack takes on the shape of a set of bottles and the blades of stainless-steel knives feature lurid color graphics and engravings that suggest darker uses for them than cutting vegetables.


We'd say their goal of making people see ordinary objects in new ways has been realized. Contact them through their site to find out how you can get a hold of their products.

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