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Ferm Living Wall Stickers

Learn while you lounge with maps, periodic symbols and other useful wall vinyls

by Ami Kealoha in Design on 16 March 2011

To-Do-wall-stickers-by-Ferm-Living-1.jpg Periodic-System_ferm.jpg

We tend to have a weakness for the way wall decals add instant, affordable detail to an otherwise plain surface. Even better still, Ferm Living makes a few styles of removable all-black stickers designed for walls that have an element of utility too.

calendar-ferm.jpg worldmap_big-ferm.jpg

Their world map may not be the most detailed of geography lessons, but at least provides a handy reference for conversations about world affairs. A calendar and to-do list turn any blank wall space into a way to keep organized, while the stickers based on the periodic table (another soft spot) offer some rudimentary lessons on elements and their symbols.

U.K. customers will find the To-Do sticker available for pre-order from Bodie and Fou for £55, while the others sell directly from Ferm starting at $90.


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