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Facet Design Trend PDF

by CH Contributor
on 10 September 2009

by Laura Neilson

The creative hub Everyone is an Art Director, a website sharing art and design for all, recently launched its first trend publication—a 217-page visual study on Facet Design and its widespread use in contemporary design.

The PDF—free for download—serves as a digital inspiration board, featuring an array of stellar examples of this visually-arresting design theory. The concept of flat surfaces taking on geometric shapes, facet design lends a clean, angular and futuristic appearance to its various applications, whether a skyscraper, chair or textile print.


"Facets are a really contemporary shape, and a trend covering all fields of creation, from Dubai buildings to mainstream products," comments Nico Giroud, who co-founded the site in June 2009 with the Paris-based art director Cynthia Suzarte. The PDF book comprehensively covers various design genres from graphic and print design, to art and architecture, interior and furniture design, as well as technology and transportation.


Demonstrated solely through images, Facet Design uncovers how architectural structures worldwide, such as Tokyo's clean and airy Mineral House and Madrid's eerily modern Hotel Puerta America, have implemented this particular design trend. The varying results in the digital booklet prove that this simple design concept can engender multifaceted and limitless incarnations. From department stores like Seoul's Galleria to sculptures like Damien Hirst's diamond-encrusted skull "For the Love of God," facets have inspired a multitude of forms and mediums.


Stay tuned for future editions from Everyone is an Art Director. The next trend book launches in early October 2009.

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