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EcoSystems Furniture

by CH Contributor
on 14 May 2009

by Laura Neilson


This past weekend's Bklyn Designs show was host to an array of local designers and manufacturers, including EcoSystems brand bamboo furniture. The green-minded company utilizes a innovative tool-free assembly system that relies on interlocking aluminum pieces rather than nuts, bolts and screws, allowing for construction of the brand's modern-looking Bamba chair in a matter of minutes—a godsend for the Ikea-weary.


In addition to flat-pack shipping, the downtown Brooklyn-based company implements region-specific production on large orders to reduce fuel waste and excessive shipping costs. EcoSystems' sustainable materials include bamboo plywood (not only a rapidly-renewable resource but also an incredibly durable one), as well as biodegradable fabrics and foam, easily-recycled aluminum hardware and plant-based clear wood finishes.


Other than their spare collection of well-conceived chairs, benches and side-tables, EcoSystems also fabricates made-to-order custom pieces, including the interior furnishings and curvaceous recycled plywood chairs (pictured above) for Soho's Ion Hair Salon, dubbed as New York's first "eco-salon."

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