Spettro, ECAL-Matthieu Girel. Edited by Alessi.
Filo, ECAL-Marie Schenker. Edited by Alessi.
Fierzo, ECAL-Julie Richoz. Edited by Alessi.
Dynamic Tables, ECAL-Andrea Arciniegas. Collaboration with de Sede.
Made in Switzerland in China, ECAL-Julien Mercier.
Gloves, ECAL-Charlotte S√ľnnen. Collaboration with Audemars Piguet.
Essenz-Snowshoes, ECAL-Emelie Lundquist & Romain Deleury. Collaboration with Zai.
Tri-Folds, ECAL-Camille Paillard. Collaboration with de Sede.
Rocklub, ECAL-Alexandre Grognuz.
Layer Cake, ECAL-Damien Seydoux.
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ECAL Yearbook

Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne showcases its talented grads

by Gaspard Nemec
on 09 October 2012

During last week's Swiss Design Days, Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne—more commonly ECAL—debuted "ECAL Diplomes 2012," a conceptual yearbook showcasing student thesis work from the past academic year. With sections devoted to everything from photography to industrial design, the book offers a comprehensive look at the school's top-notch talent.

While every program has its highlights, commercial collaborations between students in the university's Luxury Industry program and high-end Swiss brands produced some remarkable results. Kacper Hamilton's sleek carbon-fiber axe for ski company, Zai, which features interchangeable axe heads, or Andrea Arcineagas' "dynamic table" for DeSede, which balances itself—somewhat perplexingly—on a single steel bar.

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The book drops just in time for the launch of a long-awaited collection of office supplies from Italian design house, Alessi, that was produced in collaboration with students in the industrial design program. The collection, which debuted at last year's Milan Design Week, includes quirky supplies like a magnetic "flying saucer" for capturing paperclips, and a spiraling wood wastebasket—all of which are available to order in Alessi's e-commerce shop.

Order "ECAL Diplomes" online and check out more images in the slideshow below:

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