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Drake Powderworks' New Permanent Phantom Wax

A one-time base glide treatment for snowboards and skis that's better for the environment

by Katharine Erwin
on 06 November 2017

Utah-based company Drake Powderworks Skis (DPS) is planning to make a big change to the industry with their new product, the Phantom. The brand's new Kickstarter is funding their one-time application base-coat for skis and snowboards. Its patent-pending polymer technology means this treatment is permanent. Working with material scientists, the DPS team was able to "attack the problem via a novel free-radical polymerization." Unlike traditional wax that sits on the surface of skis and boards, Phantom binds and polymerizes the base. Further, the glide that the Phantom creates is applicable for all kinds of conditions—and has been tested around the world in various climates.

What makes the Phantom so special and exciting is its eco-friendly attributes. Stephen Drake (founder of DPS) tells us, "We were able to solve this problem while actualizing a real environmental solution as opposed to just paying it lip service." Traditional carbon wax contains a huge number of chemicals which, as they wear off, leave behind PFCs on the slopes that are harmful to the environment. The Phantom does not have said chemicals; better for nature and humans alike.

DPS's Phantom has already raised quadruple the amount of its funding goal (at the time of publish), meaning an application container of the wax is all but guaranteed for an early bird pledge of $90.

Skiing image courtesy of Oskar Enander, product image courtesy of Dan Pizza

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