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DeLonghi Gran Dama

A home espresso maker taking you from beans to foam in minutes

by Josh Rubin in Design on 22 July 2010


A shameless addiction to morning coffee has only fed my concern for a quality fix. So when DeLonghi sent over their Gran Dama Super Automatic Coffee Maker, I was excited to give it a go. Now, months later, I'm as hooked on the machine as I am on the caffeine.

The Gran Dama—with the touch of a button—creates espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos, each with programmable amounts of coffee and milk, as well as adjustable cup sizes. For tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal or other drinks and snacks of the just-add-water variety, the machine also features a hot water spout.

Despite the focus on making drinks to your exact specifications, customizing doesn't usurp the machine's ability to whip up a drink quickly. Using a double boiler system, milk and coffee heat at the same time, making for a flawless transition between espresso and cappuccino.

Another convenient feature for coffee-heads who insist on freshly ground beans, the Gran Dama's patented "direct-to-brew" system integrates a grinder for the ultimate full-bodied espresso.


Durably and handsomely constructed of stainless steel, the Gran Dama's small footprint squeezes into tight spaces on nearly any home or office kitchen countertop. The low-maintainence machine even features an automatic decalcification indicator light which turns on when it's time for cleaning, as well as a red light in the drip tray indicating when it's full.

Like having a personal barista with eight hands in your home, the machine justifies its $2,500 price tag by satisfying some of the most picky coffee fans out there with its array of features. It sells direct from DeLonghi's online store.


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