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David Flores + Division 1 Bicycles' Iconic Bike Prints

Four of the most charismatic bikes in history, depicted in boldly illustrated prints

by Hans Aschim in Design on 30 June 2014


At its core, the design of a bicycle is traditionally comprised of two circles and two triangles. Since its inception, there has been a constant desire to continue improving the simple (but clever) machine. Bold use of carbon fiber, daring geometries and swooping lines are just a few of the unifying qualities found in some of the more charismatic and iconic bicycle designs of the previous decades. Premium cycling emporium Division 1 Bicycles of Austin, Texas called on LA-based artist David Flores for a series of limited prints paying homage to four of these prototypical pedal-powered machines.


Avoiding photorealism in favor of a more hand-drawn feel, Flores (a skateboard and streetwear industry veteran) gives a nod to the strong sense of geometry in bicycle design. The four track bikes featured include the classic Cinelli Laser; an enviable, de Stijl-inspired offering from Look; the asymmetrical rear-wheel ride from legendary Italian racer Francesco Moser; and the ninja stealth mega-drop-bar design (that was well ahead of its time in 1976) from cycling shorts leader Assos' founder Tony Maier. Like each bike, every print has its own personality via a bold, unique color palate.

The limited edition giclée prints measure at 20'' x 16'' and are individually numbered and signed by Flores. Check out the whole series and pre-order yours online for $100.

Images courtesy of Division 1 Bicycles


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