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Czech-Designed Master & Master Furniture

Minimal, practical pieces that don't sacrifice aesthetics for function

by Adam Stech
on 16 February 2015

Prague-based furniture producer Master & Master—founded in 2013 by graphic designer Ondřej Zita and furniture-maker Luděk Štejgl—creates minimalist pieces that are thought up by young Czech designers. With a focus on long-lasting materials and function, each piece is made to be practical without sacrificing aesthetics.

"After my study of graphic design at UMPRUM in Prague I was not really satisfied with the jobs and problems with the clients who can make projects really difficult. So I was looking for some different creative business," says Zita. When his friend Štejgl returned from a long stay in UK (where he had worked for company producing wooden parts for Vitsœ furniture) the duo decided to venture on their own and start a line called Master & Master.


"The success of the first product was amazing. We asked designer and technician Michal Malášek to offer us his simple design of trestles made out of steel rods. Then we produced products in various colors and started to offer it via our online store," says Ondřej who manages the brand in Prague and also in Zábřeh na Moravě, where all the products are made in a Master & Master-owned workshop or by other local producers.


Along with the successful trestles, the company now produces a wooden shelving system, desks and steel coat-racks. Most of the designs (developed in collaboration with product designer Tomáš Varga of Mütanta Studio) are as simple as possible in design and construction, but offer personality through splashes of color—often a cheerful yellow, seafoam green or bright red. "With these products we target our generation; creative people around 30 who want more than IKEA," adds Ondřej.

Master & Master also has plans to expand and will launch a new line of ascetic wooden beds and other products by designers including Lenka Míková this year. All their products are available for purchase online, with prices starting at €60.

Images courtesy of Master & Master

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