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Cut and Paste: Design Competition Call for Entry

by Josh Rubin
on 26 October 2005
Cut and Paste, a digital media design competition. We're now proud to say we've joined them as a sponsor.

So what is it? "The contest is an homage to DJ battles, dance-offs and graffiti artists," says Justin Kim, one of the contest’s founders. “We want the artists involved to flex a different creative muscle than they are used to.” The event will be lots of fun, but it's a serious competition with some fantastic judges-- Tristan Eaton, Founder of Thunderdog Studios; Kendrick Reid, Vice President of On-Air Design at Comedy Central; Doug Jaeger, Creative Director of thehappycorp global; and Jeff Staple, Founder of Staple Design.

For more details and entry instructions, go to Entries will be accepted until 4 November.

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