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Closca's Collapsible Bike Helmet

The Kickstarted bike helmet, now available to the public, folds flat to store easily between rides

by Nara Shin
on 27 May 2014

What deters many from strapping on a helmet before biking to the grocery store or utilizing a city's bike-share program is oftentimes the burden of carrying around the bulky (but potentially life-saving) accessory after the bike is parked. Here's where the foldable bike helmet from Valencia, Spain-based start-up Closca comes in, one of the few European models that complies with US safety requirements.

closca-helmet-folded-ch-2.jpg closca-helmet-folded-ch.jpg

The Closca arrives in a box noticeably too small to hold a standard bike helmet. Designed by two industrial engineering students at Polytechnic University of Valencia, the unconventional three-piece construction not only allows for a collapsable form, but Closca says, it softens physical impact—in the event of a fall—and allows the helmet to absorb shock more efficiently. Plus, the expanded polypropylene (EPP) material is as sturdy as it is lightweight (we weighed the small-sized helmet at roughly 8.4 ounces, or 238 grams). And the helmet (all sizes) has been rigorously tested at Applus+ IDIADA labs and passed both EU and US safety tests, so rest easy knowing that safety doesn't have to be compromised for convenience.

A bonus is the removable cover that attaches via elastic and velcro. Available in a range of different colors, fabrics and designs, most of the covers are strictly decorative—save for the waxed cotton waterproof flatcap cover, which does add a practical element.

closca-helmet-denim-cover-4.jpg closca-helmet-cool-hunting-1.jpg

The ultimate goal of the young company is to get more people on bikes, safely—especially in cities. After a successful Kickstarter that overwhelmingly surpassed its goal nearly a year ago, Closca helmets are now available to the public for purchase. Find them online for €62 with an included cover; additional covers are sold separately for €22. A few models are also available on Fab for $95.

And keep an eye out as the company plans to launch Closca Kids this September. For now, the adult size small can fit children eight-years-old and up—depending on their size, of course.

Photos by Nara Shin

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