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Our Cup Runneth Over

by Parker Hutchinson
on 23 June 2005

It's true. The bounty never stops flowing here at Cool Hunting. These glasses showed up at CH HQ the other day. We laughed. We cried. Then we decided they were actually kinda great. The Glass Fox are purveyors of pub-style glassware who specialize in personalized mugs, pitchers and pint glasses. Just choose from one of Fox’s many motifs-- “Big Buck,” “All American” and “Wolf Den,” to name a few—then have them etch your name and the fictional founding date of your imaginary establishment into the glass for no extra charge. Whether purchased ironically or ingenuously, these barware sets are bound to incite jealousy. Our favorite is etched with three words we never thought we'd ever see together, "Rubin's Irish Pub." It would be even better if you could send your own design in...

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