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Alessi Spring/Summer 2008

by Doug Black in Design on 14 February 2008


Alessi's upcoming Spring/Summer 2008 product line builds on their reputation for smartly-designed kitchenware. This season, the Italian company employed the talents of a handful of celebrated designers to create some interesting twists on standard fare.

One example is the sleekly egg-shaped “Pop-Up” bottle cap opener, which is work of Milanese designer Giovanni Alessi Anghini. The pressure-operated mechanism removes the bottle cap in one downward motion and an interior magnet holds onto the loose cap for a simple, neat transaction.


Also, Dutch architect Wiel Arets took a break from making buildings to design a kitchen set consisting of corkscrew, salt grinder and pepper mill (titled "," "" and "," and pictured respectively). They combine a simple function in an eye-catching form that coincides well with Arets' similar-looking "" espresso pot.

These products and more will be available in April on the Alessi online store, or at one of Alessi's retail stores.


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